Karen is a BHSI, Level 5 Performance Coach; she has attained UKCC Level 3 and is an approved R.W.Y.M. Biomechanics Coach. Karen is available for private and shared lessons in the south west of England and for clinics throughout the UK and Abroad.

“ I am very happy to teach all levels of horse and rider. Every lesson or schooling session is tailor-made to suit the requirements of the individual”.

As a successful competitor Karen has had many wins in dressage, show jumping and eventing including being placed at Blenheim CCI*** International Horse Trial. Her unique experience attained over 35 years includes working with many different types of horses whilst teaching, schooling and competing. Karen is very experienced with young stock and horses with behavioural issues. She loves to help clients improve their skills to help their horses.

When coaching the rider she spends time focusing on the rider’s core stability and position in the saddle this provides clarity for the horse, improving both communication and understanding.

When Training the horse Karen aims to keep the cues/aids as simple as possible, this helps the horses understanding and enables the building of trust creating a good partnership with the rider quickly and effectively.

More recently, as well as passing the BHSI, Karen has show a keen interest in exploring alternative methods of training both the rider and horse, including techniques from Mary Wanless, Mark Rashid, Andrew Mclean, Monty Roberts and others allowing her to draw upon a unique set of tools and techniques.

She is a strong believer in “In hand Training”

“I believe that in hand training is essential to create a good foundation both mentally and physically, it helps enormously to build the horses trust, confidence and understanding. It is also an excellent way of developing a good posture and suppleness within the horse, therefore tremendously effective in helping to rehabilitate horses with both physical and mental issues.”

Over the past few years Karen has developed some very effective techniques in this area and is always keen to learn about new and innovative methods of training both from within the equine field and beyond and takes great pleasure in sharing these skills with her clients.